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Referral contest
[Feb 1st, 2017 - Feb 28th, 2017]

Dear players! Held "Contest referrals" from 02.01.2017 on 02.28.2017.

Victory goes to the one who most attracted referrals on the website through your referral link for a given period of time.

The three leaders will receive prizes:

  • 1st place 5000 credits;
  • 2nd place 3000 credits;
  • 3rd place 1000 credits.

Your referral link You will find in the section "Referrals" - "Banners"

Good luck to everyone!

1st u24co $0.00125 USD
2nd mabilko $0.00075 USD
3rd xavibeat $0.00025 USD
Competition "Top Renter"
[Apr 1st, 2017 - Apr 30th, 2017]
Dear players!
The contest "Top Tenant".
Members who rent referrals in a month will receive prizes.
1st place - 100000 banners views.
2nd place - 50000 banners views.
3rd place - 25000 banners views.
1st xavibeat $3 USD
2nd $2 USD
3rd $1 USD
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